Beard Growth Stages: How it Works


All things start somewhere, and your timeline for growing your beard starts with beard growth kit. If you are here, you already shave frequently and use a quality gel or shaving cream for lubrication.

Keep in mind that your facial skin should be in its best condition before you start growing a beard.


4 Piece Beard Growth Kit


  • THICKER, HEALTHIER BEARDS - The Roller for Hair Growth for Males with Beard Activator Serum stimulates facial hair growth and awakens the hair follicles. The Titanium Beard Roller is 0.25mm in diameter and stimulates the production of elastin as well as collagen. Beard Oil contains vitamins and nutrients necessary for the growth of new hair.
  • HEALTHIER SKIN & HEAIR - The Beard Growth Kit can also be a luxurious Skin Care tool. You can remove acne scars, sun damage, and wrinkles from your skin and nourish it through collagen stimulation. The Roller can stimulate hair growth in bald areas for effective hair regrowth.
  • Activator Serum 30ml- This serum is made with 100% natural active ingredients. Clinical studies have shown remarkable results in hair growth with the natural active ingredient. In 150 days, the average hair growth was 13.500 and up to 52% denser.
  • Micro Needles Derma Roller- THE LONGEST LENGTH THAT WILL STIMULATE COLLAGEN. The right length needles ensure safe and effective treatment for Beard Growth. The shorter needles can't create new hair follicles, and they only aid in serum absorption. Made with high-quality medical Titanium and UV/Gamma sterilized! To ensure the highest quality. Do not trust companies who can't guarantee the same.
  • Safe and Healthy Ingredients – Our beard oil and beard roller soap are made from purely natural ingredients that have been professionally tested. The activator serum is safe for facial hair growth and beard growth. It does not harm the skin.



Gentlemen, Put down your razors and get your engines moving. This is the point where the road meets the rubber, and the growth of your beard is truly beginning. You're likely to be euphoric with excitement about what you'll see in the future for your beard and take frequent glances at the mirror. Nothing much happens. At the very least, it appears that is. There's nothing particularly exciting for most men in these first few days. There will be some streaks, or maybe more, that could be a hint of color in a work that could be the masterpiece of your life. What you see in the initial week isn't the one you're going to receive in the end, far from it.

 beard growth stages

In the Beard Tips, you're likely to be able to observe a few patterns of beard growth during the initial week with the help of 4 piece beard growth tip, i.e., you'll be able to see the growth that is good in your mustache or the goatee zones, or you'll see good growth in your cheeks and neck.

There are two kinds of hair at this point that is coarser, darker beard hair is made up of, and the lighter hair called value (especially in the case of younger people). Vellus hairs are eventually substituted by darker hair.

Another aspect to think about at the beginning of growing your beard is what you expect. Nobody will have an entire beard in just seven days. You might see a lovely increase in the scruff. However, it is important to remain realistic with your expectations and, above all, have patience.

In terms of patience, you're going to require it in the first week due to beard itching. Although beard itch differs depending on the individual.


The Dreaded Beard Itch: What causes your beard to cause itching? The ends of your whiskers were sharpened through years of shaving and may irritate the skin when they develop. The irritation is in the form of an itch which can grow into a constant.


It's not necessary to be silent. But, you should not be silent. An itchy beard can highlight a crucial aspect of the beginning of your growth, i.e., it's the time to apply Beard Oil. It will moisturize your beard and the skin underneath it (which reduces the appearance of beard itch), but it also makes your beard look healthier.beard itch

It's also okay to start cleaning your beard, and you'll need to keep it in mind at all times. Keeping your beard clean of sweat, dirt, and grime will help ease the itchiness of your beard. Cleanse your beard using warm water.

In the end, The first week demands patience while keeping a clear mind on the objective. The beard you have may not appear great or feel good in this phase; however, your goal is to continue. There's more ahead.



Although you'll get a rough idea of your beard in the first week, the picture becomes clearer in the following 4 to 6 weeks. At this time, you'll know the areas where the growth of your facial hair is the most intense.


Keep using the Activator serum because it’s formula infiltrates the hair root on your skin. This activator also works as a moisturizer.



A full beard is usually a month of growth or something similar to a full one. That depends on many factors. Some people will start seeing the effect after few weeks for some men it can take up to month but don’t stop applying the serum.

You deserve to be praised for persevering with the process, despite the occasional itching and patchiness. 

While your beard may still have patches, you will grow more lush, and beautiful. Depending on your age, you may notice grey whiskers on your hair, even if your scalp isn't grey.

 grow full beard

Although no one knows why grey hair appears on beards more than on the scalp, some believe it is because facial hair grows faster than the hair on a man's head. Grey hair can make you feel old, but it can also give you a distinct look that exudes wisdom.

 You should remember many things once you reach this stage, especially if it's your first time.

The Mustache: You may have noticed something about the hair that hangs above your lips. It may be creeping into your mouth, which could drive you insane. It can make it uncomfortable to eat.

 You don't need to trim your mustache at this stage--and it's fine to not--but you might want to trim any stray hairs around your mouth with a pair of Beard Trimming Scissors. You can style your mustache later.

Beard Care: You've probably realized that there is more to growing a mane than simply putting the razor down and then watching your beard grow. Trimming your beard is not recommended before this point.

While you need to continue washing and conditioning your hair and applying beard oil regularly, it is a good idea to use derma roller that stimulates blood circulation.

beard derma roller

Derma roller and combing are good for your beard in many ways. It helps train the beard follicles in the right direction. It also reduces split ends and ingrown hairs and evenly distributes your skin's natural oils.

One quick note on sebum: Your whiskers consume a lot more of it than a freshly shaved head. This is yet another reason beard oil can be so important. It replenishes your beard's depleted oils and keeps it moisturized. Beard oil can be distributed throughout your whiskers by combing and brushing to ensure maximum hydration. This will prevent oil from accumulating on the skin and causing acne.


You should have a full, thick beard by the end of four- to six months. You will likely have a routine for maintaining your beard and feel comfortable being a bearded man by this point.

Your beard requires more care and control at this stage. It can take on a life of its own, with stray hairs appearing and hairs pointing in one direction while the rest of your beard points in another.

how to grow a beard

Your beard will not look perfect without some help (with lots of assistance). You should comb and brush your hair regularly at this stage. You don't need to cut your beard, but you want to style it in a manner that suits you and your facial proportions.

 Regular beard oil or derma roller will help keep your beard in check. Brushing and combing will also give your beard a neat look.



Your beard should be full-grown by six to nine months. You can then rock it like a pro. It's also an area where growth can seem to slow down. This is normal. Regular brushing can also cause shedding. On average, men shed 50-100 hairs each day.


You can also fight beardruff with regular washing, derma roller and moisturizing.

Finally, your beard will have reached the 10- to the 12-month mark. It is up to you to decide when or want to trim it, but it can grow beyond the "yeard stage."

Many factors could lead you to trim your hair, such as your job and workplace. There are rules for grooming facial hair in certain occupations, so it's not good to sacrifice your job for a beard war.


It is an exciting journey to grow a beard. It would help if you had patience, knowledge, and the determination to persevere through the ups and downs. Although your experience with beard-growing may differ from others, there are many common things you will encounter along the way.